Welcome to Ross Legal Group, P.C.

Ross Legal Group, P.C.’s purpose is to provide legal services to the individual and his/her family members at an affordable price. The firm’s attorneys believe that every person with a legal issue should have the option to retain an affordable attorney to represent them. Further, with a divorce, the attorneys believe that an amicable, non-conflict divorce should be just that: easy and quick. The attorneys have developed extensive skills to assure that when the parties make the divorce agreeement, the agreement is put in writing and the parties get divorced. Simple.

The attorneys at Ross Legal Group, P.C. have over 22 years’ experience representing clients in divorce and other family law matters. The attorneys practice in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Genesee, and Livingston County. The attorneys are familiar with the judges, Friend of the Court processes and personnel, and County Clerks. They know how to “get the job done” without going to “war”, and they concentrate on an effective, efficient outcome. Yet, in the end, if a trial or hearing is necessary, the lawyers are very experienced trial attorneys and know how to get the job done.

The attorneys at Ross Legal Group, P.C. also have a thriving estate planning and probate law practice, that includes elder law and guardianship/conservatorships. The attorneys complete comprehensive and understandable estate plans, including wills, trusts (if that is the best option), and powers of attorneys. They further assist the client in funding their trust, if a trust was prepared. They also are effective at probating any estate, large or small. The attorneys work in any Michigan probate court.

Ross Legal Group, P.C.’s attorneys take time to educate their clients in the business in life. This education is extremely important with the older client who is trying to plan their estate in the event of death, or saving the parent’s/spouse’s assets in the event of the need for long-term nursing home care. Elder law is a large part of the Ross Legal Group, P.C.’s practice, and the attorneys work hard to preserve a client’s assets when the asset would have otherwise been spent.

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