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The Ross Legal Group Advantage

The attorneys at Ross Legal Group, P.C. have extensive, concentrated experience in the following areas of law:

  • Divorce, custody, child support, change of domicile, personal protection orders, and QDRO/EDRO preparation, and the final implementation, modification, or enforcement of all divorce Judgments.
  • Estate Planning, including the preparation of wills, trusts, and powers of attorneys for health care and finances for the simplest to the most comprehensive estates.  All trusts are funded by the end of the representation.
  • Probating estates.  This includes the most comprehensive estates to the “simple form” estate.
  •  Trust administration, for those individuals who have completed a trust that has been funded. Otherwise, the attorneys will use the court’s process to fund the trust post-death.
  • Personal protection matters.
  • Elder Law/Medicaid Planning.

Ross Legal Group, P.C. concentrates their practice to these areas to assure that the attorney is up-to-date on the changes in the law, understands how “things get done,” and establishes office procedures to move the cases through a well-developed office system.  The follow-through of any legal matter at Ross Legal Group, P.C. is effective and efficient.

The Ross Legal Group, P.C. attorneys communicate with their clients.  This communication is extensive and thorough with the goal of having the client understand the legal process they are undertaking.  Nothing is worse for a person than to end a legal fight and to not understand what just occurred and how it affected them.  Worse than that,  is the estate planning client paying for and developing a trust, to find out years later, it was never funded and therefore not effective.

The attorneys’ at Ross Legal Group, P.C.  goals are to educate each client on the business of life, and assure the client understands the process and their options, and how the choices they are making affect them.

The attorneys at Ross Legal Group, P.C.’s goal is to provide legal representation at a cost-effective price.  The firm’s processes are set up to assure each case is meticulously managed and moves though the court system seamlessly.  This saves the client money.  Further, the attorney’s know how to manage angry family members, spouses or children,  and disagreeable opposing counsel; this “management” helps keep costs low.  Generally, the family’s or the marital battle is not carried out in the legal process and this ultimately reduces the litigation cost.

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