Payment for Legal Services
Ross Legal Group, P.C. has a $100.00 consultation fee for all potential new clients; to be paid at the time of the consultation.  During the consultation, your personal situation will be discussed and legal advice will be given, including how the law will impact your case and expectations.  The beginning of a legal plan will be developed and all your questions will be answered.

Other firms may offer “a free consultation,” however, after you retain them, they add that time on your first bill at their hourly rate, thus costing you more than a simple consultation fee.  Ross Legal Group, P.C.  does not do that.

Retainer Fee and Hourly rate:
The retainer fee is paid prior to the beginning of representation.  The retainers represent the initial cost of the litigation.  It is not a “teaser” retainer ($500.00) as other firms offer to “get you in the door.”

The hourly rate for the attorneys at Ross Legal Group, P.C. is $250.00 per hour.

Divorce actions have a minimum retainer of $2,200. In divorce cases, the law allows the court to order one party to pay interim attorney fees toward your representation.   The attorney will discuss this possibility during the initial consultation.

Post-custody actions, including Friend of the Court actions require an assessment of the case before any retainer can be suggested.  The cost of a custody action can be enormous and depends on the clients involved, the judge, the attorneys involved, and the client’s motivations against each other.

Divorce and Post Custody cases are not set-fee actions.  They are always billed at the hourly rate.

Child Support matters can be set-fee. The attorneys at Ross Legal Group, P.C.  believe all child support matters before the Friend of the Court need legal representation, and thus have established a set-fee rate for these actions.  This is because the Friend of the Court’s recommendation may realistically become the judge’s order, regardless of inaccuracies at the hearing.  The objective at the Friend of the Court hearing is to obtain an acceptable result that accurately represents the facts as they currently exist.  

Wills, and Powers of Attorney for finances and health care (Living Wills) are  set-fee. The attorneys at Ross Legal Group, P.C. believe all individuals should have a will, and power of attorney documents, thus these documents are reasonable priced and begin at $425.00 for an individual and $650.00 for a couple. 

Revocable Living Trusts  are a set-fee.  Trusts are very complicated documents. The trust package includes a  trust, will, the power of attorney documents, and a quit claim deed. The law firm’s prices are very competitive with other estate planning attorneys and begin at $2,200 for an individual trust package.

Probate actions are not set-fee actions. The minimum retainer is $2,200.

For all hourly rate clients, the attorney’s fees and costs are billed against the retainer every 30 to 45 days.    Once the retainer is used, you are expected to pay your legal bills as they are received, or to be active in setting up a monthly payment plan.     

Ross Legal Group, P.C. offers payment plans, and tailors the legal process to accommodate the client’s financial situation and case.  The law firm does not believe in providing legal services for free.  Providing free legal services prevents the individual from “owning” the legal issue involved and hinders you from learning the “life-lesson” that caused the legal need in the first place.   Further, “owning” the legal services makes the client more readily able to realistically view their position, which becomes extremely important when resolving the matter.

Further, when all individuals pay for their legal services, it makes everyone equal.  This empowers the individual to take an active role in their legal matter as opposed to feeling they “are bothering the attorney” or their matter is “not as important.” 

If you believe you cannot afford our services we encourage you to call and discuss your matter.

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