Estate Planning

A will or trust is the essential estate planning device for most families to pass their property per their wishes after death.   A will also provides the guardianship language for families with minor children.  Trusts are necessary for a few families.  Ross Legal Group, P.C. only provides the estate planning package you need, and we never oversell a service.

Trusts are a complicated document that requires continual management to be effective. Trusts are used when families want to pass the house or other asset without going through probate (although this is not the best reason for developing a trust), when family members are going to “fight” over the distribution, when a family member is disabled, or when a family has wealth over $5 million dollars. For a trust to be effective on death, it has to be initially funded, and then continually funded over your lifetime. We assure the initial funding is completed prior to the end of the representation.

Powers of Attorney documents: health care and financial, designate a person to take care of your affairs in the event of your disability.  Financial POAs determine who takes care of your finances, and health care POAs designate who takes care of your medical needs.  Both documents are necessary and complete the estate plan.

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